Fun Facts

  • I have an Erdös Number of 2;
  • I can solve a regular (3x3x3) Rubik’s cube in around 40s (my personal best is 30.6s);

Some Hobbies


I’m a big sports fan, and I like both playing and watching them. In fact, I was a part of my high school’s futsal, basketball, and Olympic handball teams (it was a pretty small school). Nowadays I watch a ton of soccer and I also really like playing fantasy football.


I’ve always liked videogames. Nowadays I mostly play sports games, and I like to think that I am (or at least used to be) a decent FIFA player. I still regularly play FIFA on xbox, you can add me (HelloCaio) if you want to try to beat me :)

3D Printing

I’m a 3D printing enthusiast. That is, I like reading about the new technologies and printers available. I have owned three small 3D printers of my own, and used to print useless cool things. I only have one left now, and that’s kinda collecting dust…


I enjoy taking pictures, especially when I travel. You can find some of my pictures on Flickr.

App Development

Every now and then I find a niche problem that no one has resolved yet. In such cases, I usually implement some small app to do this – and spend a lot more time developing it then it would have taken to do that thing manually! You can find the apps I like the most and/or are fine to be public at cbdm.app